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Ephesians 4:29Amplified Bible (AMP)

29 Let no foul or polluting language, nor evil word nor unwholesome or worthless talk [ever] come out of your mouth, but only such [speech] as is good and beneficial to the spiritual progress of others, as is fitting to the need and the occasion, that it may be a blessing andgive grace (God’s favor) to those who hear it.

THANK YOU! - Minister Bob Cutting
4/4 AA- Apostle Paul is speaking with great boldness and trust in God that we have left the tricks of deceit and we are walking according to the word of God.We should also speak like the apostle Paul so that people will know that we are God's people.Because people know from our association, from our behavior, from our actions and from our speech whether we are the people of God or the people of God bless you always man of God miniter Bob
3/28 Z Kamran - Amen and I told you earlier that we doing God's work in all nations and thousands of people entering in the body of Christ.We have delivered 200 grocery package to the new believers families in the shape of token of love.When you will come to Pakistan.i wish you also baptized thousands of people.We are waiting for you. Me and team trying to fulfilling the great commission. I also invite you to become the part of this movement and revival in Pakistan.God bless you and your ministry 
3/27 Amin Aman - Absolutely, my dear brother, we should speak those things that are beneficial to others And we should not speak anything dirty with our tongue, but keep it clean because we pray to God with it, great massage my dear brother �� God bless you always �� man of God bless you more then more.BILLY GRAHAM I HEAR A LOT MY DEAR BROTHER BUT I HAVEN'T HEARD YOU SPEAK BUT I FEEL LIKE him ARE you SPEAK SAME?
3/27 Elvis K. - Great teaching,we need to speak like JESUS, with an aim of gathering and not scattering, building and not demolishing.and molding one another in Christ Jesus.
3/21 Aman Amin - Awesome massage my dear brother �� I am very blessed by this message I am very blessed may God bless you morebecause I learn the word of God through you everyday �� �� ❤️ 
3/24 M. Grimm - Awesome message from an awesome Brother and Friend in Christ 

Appreciate your kind words but as we  both know He in charge of it all 

Love and appreciate you Brother!

Brother Mike 

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3/24 A. Amin - Yes, my dear brothers, we believe in God and in his Son, who God sent his Son to pay for our sins, which we committed, not him, and we believe in God,It is absolutely true that the Lord Jesus Christ wants us to be in him as he is in the Father and he came so that we might have life and he went back after having done all his work to take us back again.  So we have to be ready,And it is also true that times are going bad and we must be careful and we must follow the path of God and we must work together and save souls and bring them to God.thanks so much dear brother you teach me every day I just wana learn because I'm a little servant of God.
3/21 Dickson O. Music Min. - Glory to God,  thank you so much for the good verses and continuing encourages me through the word of God. Be blessed. 
3/21. - Ivan M. - Praise the Lord , am very grateful for your love and care, thanks so much for feeding me with this powerful spiritual food on daily basis . It has really blessed me and my life and ministry. Thanks so much ,and may the good Lord continue using you mightly. Regards Mbodwe Ivan ( +256753558861) whatapp no.
 Pst. N. Rodgers - This is very serious
I have to stand in the word as sterling to my ministry. God bless you Dad
We are also prepared for fourteen days of fasting and prayer from 26th March - 9th April. This is for your October trip to Uganda. Global for word anointed ministries in Uganda, is seriously on knees for you Dad

3/19 Amin A. - Amen �� glory to God �� I'm totally agree with you ��my dear brother I'm very blessed with your ministry.i many things along you �� thanks so much man of God give me a good teacher!!!
3/18 - Awesome my dear brother all are true,My dear brother this is hundred percent true and we should know where we stand and where we have to go and what is our destination.
3/218 - BH Health - The life of Christ is built in us brick by brick , word after word. With the help of the Holy Spirit. Thanks

KULOBA G. -Thank Robert, you share a very strong message and all you have shared in the content are exactly what is happening even here in Africa. We have good shepherd and bad ones. Some are simply serving because they are paid by you the American people and we have seen them fighting over leadership and even kill each other for that. The sermon your sharing here is the serious issue which needs to be addressed. Many leaders are pretending to be helpful to the people but indirectly robbing them. I'm blessed to be learning a lot things from your leadership and i pray that God help to be shaped for the greater services in kingdom of God. God bless you.

B. JOSEPH - Knowing the Sheep is very Important .
May God continue Blessing you servant of God.


K. GODFREY - Greetings from Uganda East Africa, eastern region, mbale city.
Both spiritually and Emotionally am touched and shading tears with this scripture you have shared "All THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD"
BROTHER Robert allow me to share with my life testimonies because your transforming and unveiling my true identity of life. My first marriage break last two years ago simply my wife become unfaithful, abused our marriage and broke away. She engaged in her relatives and grabbed all my properties and left me with nothing. They wanted to poison me to death because of the properties but God saved me. My friends, house of bishops, relatives and a church counseled me and told me to leave all things for the safety of my life and i did do so with a broken heart. Depression and stress almost killed me  and ended up into the hands of many physiological doctors and counseling session to recover my mental health. I thank God for His power and mercy for restoring my life. I have become bankrupt, lost my beautiful home, Lost my high school project,cars and farms to her. Today,i sleep in the rental which am even failing to meet my rents in time and my movements are hard and stuck because no car to take me out for ministry and i do always foot to church. I'm living with resentment and some time with bitter heart and hate myself because of what i went through. Then i learn from your teachings about "ALL THINGS WORK TOGETHER FOR GOOD TO THOSE WHO LOVE GOD" I'M IMPRESSED WITH THIS "GOD IS DEEPLY CONFIDENTLY CONCERNED ABOUT ME"  These has changed and transformed my life Because i can know that God knew all what was happening on me . I'm recovering from all that trauma and God blessed me with other wife Edith Namarome and did our wedding last year. God has blessed us with twins a boy and girl queen Elizabeth wabulyu and Prince Gilgal kuloba. I believe my life will be better and serve God more than ever. Brother Robert please continue to speaking to me with these spiritual food to give me strength and total deliverance. I'm catching up with life slowly but its hard sometimes my  children and family don't get basic needs of the home but am strong and believe all this was God's plans. Thank you for seeking God that you can share the heart of God to us. Pray for me to stabilize. God bless you.


PAUL Z. - Thank you for the word of God you are every day sharing

AMIN AMAN - Thanks so much man of God bless you more then more,I bless with your ministry.I pray �� for you for more work for God's peoples ��  My dear brother, God bless you always, God needs people like you in this world, Amen!!!


A. AMIN - My dear brother, I am very grateful to you, in Lord Jesus Christ, that you send me the word of God every day and teach me in the Lord. I'am very grateful to you.I'm very happy with your ministry.God bless you miniter Bob always ❤️ �� 

Z. KAMRAN - Amen �� and We have to be faithful in any kind of situation and condition.God bless you ����


STEPHEN A. - Patience not the ability to wait but how we act while waiting I have to work on that thanks 


AMAN AMIN - Yes, my dear brothers, people have forgotten like the time of Noah, they don't trust, they don't believe that God will come soon.


B. JOSEPH - Yes brother Bob.
Church begins at home.
As a pastor, if you love your wife it becomes very easy to pastor the Church.

JACK O. - 
Praise the Lord Sir!
                              I am grateful to have read this teaching on husbands love for his wife. It really blessed me and may the Lord give you more insight, Peace to you servant of God.
   Pastor Jack.

K. GODFREY - Greetings from Uganda East Africa. Thank you for sharing with us this important sermon about marriage responsibilities of each partner. Marriages are tearing down every day and mostly christian families. We pray God to open our eyes to see this truth in the mirror of his word. Thank you and God bless you together with the family.

P. MHONE - The husband has to know that he is the type of Jesus Christ. He is the husband of the true church (his body). He is a loving husband ever! So the word is true! "Husbands love your wives..."

Z. KAMRAN - Greetings and blessings ����. Amen �� and that's a great word of God on a beautiful evening.God bless you more and have a great day ��


PAUL MHONE - I truly never thought of that!! So powerful!!
M. GRIMM - Thanks Brother for awesome message and excellent advice  Have a safe and blessed day  Stay Strong! Love you Brother 
Brother Michael 
j.KAMARA - Thanks so much sir for sharing these Insightful Messages with me. I'm grateful
M. DANIELS - Amen. Yes that's right. Two is a number of agreement. I have also been sharing with someone exactly that though God is able to do everything in anyway, He has a way he chose to do things.

HEAVENS MISSION - How are you doing today my dear brethren. you are doing good and rejoicing in the lord's site. I would like to share with you more as God will be allowing to. My prayers to your family and all that are working With you there where you are. Our prayers is to join hands together in spreading God's word of truth. Hope to ear from you about it brethren.

O. Winstone - Thank you very very much for your wonderful and kingdom teachings. They are really blessing and moving my faith to Christ.
Do not be discouraged to tell the people more about christ,But walk in faith and know what you are doing and what you need you have it in Jesus name.The Lord knows how he will reward you. Keep doing the good work you are doing and watch what the Lord will do.
God bless you in all things.


ELVIS K - True True, very true indeed, Love is what we as the church always empress in our relationships.correcting each other with love but not seeking to control them.for when you seek to control,it means you are very proud of yourself and your"WAYS"
JOHN M. - This is true Man of God i appreciate your advise be blessed


ELVIS K - AMEN AMEN AMEN,man of God,may God help me and the church,to know and withstand the wolves within the sheeps.and show our mistakes as church leaders to always forgive others and repent our own sins and that of our church
SAMWEL K. - Thanks allot for the teachings 
MANN S. - Amen Thanks to Sharing some knowledge with me again I'm thankful to you Brother BobCutting
K. GODFREY - Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah!!! The wolf �� want to keep us in the confusion, its true in my country the wolves have confused and convinced us to believe wrong teachings like you have clearly explained about seed faith, not love money and be contended. Thank you for opening my eyes and enough is enough! Never wolves again wolves to deceive us. I'm blessed to part of people receiving these teachings and myself will not remain the same. God bless you servant of the Most High God for bringing out the truth which will gonna exposes the false teachings. Amen!!.


K. GODFREY - Thank you, I'm blessed with the word of God ����������. God bless you.
PST. ELVIS - Amen man of God,I have communicated with the minister of God, Aggrey Makokha and we shall be meeting next Sunday at my church,sikinga restoration church in bungoma county kenya.all glory to God.we are happy at sikinga restoration church to have been connected to you man of God.


JERRY W. - Thank you, Minister Cutting! I did enjoy reading through the word of God. Well, the church I attend is by the way organized three days fast and prayer. We at COVENANT GENERATION MINISTRY (CGM)observed 3 days of fasting and prayer at the beginning of every month for three days. For this month's fast and prayer, we will break today making it the last day of the 3 days. I would welcome more of these from you, anytime and on any day! Thanks once again!
z kamran - Amen ������ and God �� bless you and your ministry 

John M. - Very inspiring message to all who believe in Jesus and are very busy with the world more than being with Him may God help me i be connected with His kingdom more than being with the world ... your doing a great job God bless you sir.. live long.
M. DANIEL - Amen. A relationship with him is so nice.
ELVIS K. - Great teaching,am I a true friend of Jesus Christ?I Will serve you Jesus Christ with my generation to come, always on your side Jesus
K FRANK - Thanks for the prayers of words of God may God bless you
MARTIN N. - Amen awornderfuly message
AMAN A,- Thanks to God and Thanks for send me everyday word of the God my dear brother God  bless you always �� ��  


HEAVEN MISSION - Glory and praises be to our high and almighty Lord God
AMAN AMIN - Thanks for send me word of the God and explanation me I very thankful for you in the Lord Jesus Christ �� and I pray for you God be with you because you must be continually for kingdom of God So that you can bring God's people to God for God's kingdom
Pastor TH - Dear Pastor, I am very happy to list read this Message. Thanks. Pastor Theophile 
M. DANIEL - Amen. This is so important. Thanks. 
N. RODGERS - Thank you Dad for the heavenly kingdom words. they are not only words but seeds for our souls. may God bless you abundantly
Global for word anointed ministries Sheema, we love you
SAMUEL S. - Greetings in the name of Jesus brother Robert. Nice to hear from you. Be blessed, it's a nice topic.