In 2018 I visited Tanzania with Bill and Cathy Schrull.
It left quite an impression on my heart.
In 2023 I visited Uganda and Kenya with the coordinators there. I found many rural churches do NOT have Bibles.
Kindly consider helping me to supply Bibles to these people. In my thinking, it is far better to send them Bibles than spending around $3,000. to send me to talk to them.

As funds arrive we will send Bibles to the Co-ordinators that I know personally. They have a network of Pastors and church leaders that they know and deal with regularly. In this way we insure that the money is spent wisely. We will fund the Bibles for the coordinators first. Then Bibles for the Pastors. Than Bibles in Swahelli or their native languages for the congregations. Then Bible materials.

Jesus came for personal relationships and that is why I emphasize it so much. 
IF you are a pastor in Uganda, Kenya,Tanaznia, Malawi, or Ghana I urge you to network with our coordinators there. As long as they remain active and honest we will use them there.

Coordinator for Uganda: SSENYONGA EMMANUEL 
Is our representative to Uganda.  He has been solidly with us since friending me months ago. HE IS TO BE CONTACTED ONLY BY THOSE IN UGANDA WHO WANT TO PARTICIPATE

 Coordinator for Kenya: Aggrey Makokha 


What's app:  +254722739726

is our lead contact to Kenya. Aggrey has been working with me for years and in my place took in Pastor Jim Pitts, my special friend, for almost a month to evangelize his area. Aggrey has also been on Michal Grimm’s Northeast Men’s groups Thursday Zoom Meetings at 7 pm.(EST USA) This, even though the time was 3 am in Kenya! HE IS TO BE CONTACTED BY THOSE IN KENYA ONLY WHO WANT TO PARTICIPATE.

Coordinator for Tanzania: BISHOP DAUDI ORES


Special assistant: ELLEN ERNEST


My email address is elenernest710@gmail

my number to start tanzania code number 

+255 759 46 24 92

Since she learned of my visit to Tanzania several years ago she has been praying for and urging me for a revisit. She is a business woman and very capable of organizing. 

Coordinator for Malawi: Jonathan Hamuza 
Humbly Jonathan accepted this position. 

Coordinator for Ghana: Paul Mensah



This is my Phone number 0541760909

Paul has constantly reported his true efforts to bring people to Christ, constantly since friending us on Facebook several months ago. He even goes out of country for those reasons. He has already volunteered at helping in Africa. It was his idea to post the leaders photos.

Liberia - Pastor Emmanuel Myers
WhatsApp is +231886745033

(11/20/23) Sent Coordinators Bible to Uganda (Ssenyonga)
(12/7/23) Sent Corodinators Bible to Kenya (Aggrey)