This is where our business started, hence the name. We have been growing ever since our start in 2005. Why? Because of service. WE SPEAK CUSTOMER SERVICE. More choices, more service than most of our competitors. We specialize in residential, using smaller, lighter equipment. We also specialize
in many systems using the latest in technology for efficiency and most important, VALUE FOR YOU!

First a few words on dealing with STONY HILL SNOW PLOW:

• Stony Hill Snow Plow has been in business since 2005 and my personal experience goes back at least 40 yrs. 

• We pride ourselves in experience and learning from our experience.

• We have grown and improved each year since to the point that we no longer can take on more snow plowing customers, except those referred to us by other customers. We believe we have earned this distinction.

• In our service, we believe the old adage that “The Customer is King”. 

• My wife, ELSA and I operate the plow vehicles. So an owner is on every job.

* We are out to make a living, not a killing. Your estimate is based on what other customers are currently paying for similar driveways.

• If garage doors are opened for us when we come, we will back blade the snow out of them.

• We clear rural mailboxes by the road for your and the mail carriers convenience.

• NEXT DAY touch ups (not re-plowings) are FREE for all regular customers. We are sorry but we do not have time during normal plowing to wait for people to move cars. 

• We understand the law and liability and will do our best NOT to leave snow in the road by your driveway.

• For SAFETY SAKE, except for sickness and unavailability of help, we always run with a helper in each truck.

• Helpers can perform some shoveling but only in the time that it takes us to plow. All other shoveling will be done on a Day After basis. In Blizzard conditions, we may not be able to shovel until the next day due to time and exhaustion limits. Hand shoveling may include the use of snow blowers. Our snow blowers are lightweight and equipped with rubber paddles which make it safe for decks and similar configurations.

• Our trucks are legally operated, fully insured with commercial insurance (which many part time operators are not) they are equipped with warning lights, and well maintained. They are also the perfect size and weight for residential operation. That is they are NOT over sized or over weight as many of our competitors are.

• We offer more options and customization than most people do.

• You may either pay ahead or send us a deposit equal to one plowing less tax to secure credit. Deposits will be returned either when we part company or a good payment history is established.

• We maintain a website with up an up to date weather chart and information.

• All invoices are due and payable upon receipt, and are billed by the storm.

Some Highlights From The Above:
• Residential Sized Equipment 
We can turn around in front of your garage, while our competitors have to back out.
Our lighter equipment is easier on your driveway.
You can open your garage door and we can back blade the snow out. Most of our competitors can't or won't do that.
• 2 Man Crews
We can shovel a walk or steps while the driver plows.
We are more inclined to put on plow shoes as each person does a side. 
More eyes watching each side. Greater safety, also thereby more reliability.
• Weather Updates
Not all weather forecasts agree. At our website we post the most reliable, even if they conflict to keep you abreast of changes. 
We also post special notes and updates related to our service and service plans.
These are only not updated when we are out plowing.
• Rural Mailbox clearing
Got a mailbox by the road? We clear it for you and the mailman when plowing.
• Next Day Touch Ups are FREE!
Once our routes are done, just call us to touch up what we may have missed due to parked cars or the town plows. 
Kindly note: This is for touch ups, NOT re-plowing the whole drive.
• Fully Insured
Many of our competitors are only part time at snow plowing. Some have not even told their insurance companies. 
We are fully insured and registered with a commercial snow plowing policy.
• Legal Operation
We are legally licensed and legal citizens of the United States.
Our vehicles are legally registered and insured.
We operate with flashing lights on ONLY during plowing as is required by the law. 
We clean up all our snow and DO NOT leave it in the road. This is illegal and puts you in liability.
Since our inception, we have noticed and adjusted our services to the special needs of Steep Driveways.
We are the only service known to do this.
We have the highest return rate of customers, particularly those with steep driveways.
Ice Melter Service is part of our Steep Drive Service and is done automatically and before storms when the forecast justifies it, as a preventive measure.  
It is offered both automatically and on a one time basis as an option with other levels of service.
PLOW SHOES (or skids)
We install plow shoes for running on stone or gravel drives. Some of our competitors do not or they run with them all the time.
If they do not, far too much gravel or stone is left in the street, on your lawn etc. 
If they do run with them all the time, folks with paved drives do not get a good plowing.
WE ARE PROUD to offer more service and more choices than any one else in the business and continue to take on new ideas and 
methods to serve, the most important part of our business, Y-O-U, our customer